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Ticks and Fleas predicted to be big problem this Summer

Ticks and fleas can ruin summer fun in a hurry! We all look forward to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area summers. Lazy days at the beach, wine tours in the Sonoma and Napa Counties. Perhaps hikes along the coast line or up to the breathtaking Mount Tamalpais. Unfortunately, Summer is also the height of flea and tick season. One San Francisco State University study predicts a significant increase in these troublesome pests for 2018. Find out more by clicking the link below:


We here at ATCO would like to take a moment and you some ideas and tips on how to identify these pest. What to look out for and how you can prepare yourself this Summer.

fleas and ticks

Quick Facts about Ticks:

  • Bloodsucking ectoparasites (external parasites), feeding on mammals, birds and reptiles
  • Can carry diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Larva have 6 legs, adults have 8 legs
  • Adults range from the size of a apple seed to much larger depending upon age and whether they have had a meal
  • Crawl and can be common in high grass or high weeds and dense foliage around a home or open spaces

Quick Facts about Fleas:

  • Feed on Mammals and birds
  • Piercing mouth-parts
  • Fleas do not fly, they hop or jump
  • Very small in size (slightly bigger than the head of a pencil tip); visible to the naked eye, usually dark red or brown in color
  • Found around the home or open space in shaded areas where wild animals and pets lay to escape the heat

Tips to avoi d prevent and avoid fleas and ticks:

Tall grasses and weeds

  • Hike on well marked trails, try to avoid dense foliage
  • Wear light colored long pants and sleeves if applicable
  • Do your best to keep your dog on a leash when hiking or performing other outdoor activities with tall grass or dense foliage
  • Be sure to check you clothes and body when returning from hikes and other outdoor activities
  • Keep tall grasses, other large weeds and foliage cut down and to a minimum around your home
  • Keep your pets on flea and tick medication
  • Do your best to prevent deer and other large wild animals off your property to prevent them from dropping other pests
  • Have you pest control professional perform a yard spray using natural botanical products like Eco-PCO to cut and control the population

What we do:

At ATCO we strongly recommend performing a regular yard spray to increase the control of the annoying and sometimes dangerous pests. We use all natural eco-friendly products that are made with natural botanical ingredients. This creates a knockdown and control of the common summer pests without a negative impact to your family, pets or the environment. We also inspect and give further recommendations on what you can do to limit their occurrence in and around your home.

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