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Spider Control

Spider Control

Spiders are tough to control. They don’t spend a lot of time on the surface, so we can treat surfaces with insecticides and it isn’t effective in controlling them, but it’s important to stay on a program of treatment and remove their webs as often as you can, and also don’t set high expectations when it comes to getting rid of spiders. Understand that spiders are beneficial to a degree and their populations can be controlled but not completely eliminated.

We commonly deal with black widows, but black widows primarily stay outside in the landscape, and it’s rare that they come inside. We do not have brown recluse here in the Bay Area because the climate in our area is not conducive for them. We typically deal with just nuisance spiders.

We see a lot of benefit in spiders, but we understand that folks just don’t want to walk through spider webs or see them hanging in the corner of the room or as they enter their home on the porch. That’s why we just like to manage them, allowing them to exist in the environment and do their part, but not become such a nuisance to homeowners.