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Mice Control

Mice Control

Our process with mice is very similar to how we deal with rats. Our first objective is to determine how mice are getting into a home and what we can do to keep them out. We do not like to use poisons for either mice or rats. We feel that the best manner of controlling mice is to exclude or seal a home from their being able to get in and to trap them. ATCO does all the sealing: we know what products to use to keep them out of homes, and we know where those areas typically exist in a home.

We also do all the cleanup and disinfecting associated with their existence, including removing insulation from attics and sub floorings and removing rodent feces.

The difference with mice is that rats typically will not nest inside a structure, but mice will. Wherever you’re seeing mouse activity there is a mouse nest within ten feet of that activity. They may make their way in from the outside, but typically they’ll nest inside a structure. Therefore, we need to trap them inside the home.