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Gopher and Mole Control

Gopher and Mole Control

Gophers and moles are big problems in the Bay Area, and we’re seeing an increase in populations. There are significant differences between gophers and moles. Gophers have deep tunnels and crescent shaped mounds, whereas moles tend to tunnel along the surface of the ground, typically seen around the edges of walkways and planters, and they do have mounds, but they’re not crescent shaped and the tunnels don’t go as deep. We do like to trap both of those, although we do have poisons available for them both.

Moles are typically after lawn insects or insects in the soil and we have a bait that mimics a worm, so the mole crawls along in the tunnel and consumes our little worm that has a poison in it.

We almost always use traps for gophers. Initially we tried to find an appropriate rodenticide. Rodenticides are characterized as Generation One and Generation Two rodenticides. Generation One is slower acting and has to be part of the gopher diet for a certain period of time before they actually expire, and it processes through their body very quickly. Most other traditional pest control services use the second generation rodenticides, and that’s a single feeding. A single feeding will kill a rat, so you can imagine how harmful that is not only to the rat but also to a secondary host. And it could obviously be devastating to a family pet that got a hold of it too. That is why we use traps for gophers.