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ATCO travels to the East Coast to eliminate bedbug infe station

Bedbugs are a growing problem in the United States and it is getting worse daily. It seems that almost no one is exempt from potential infestations of these nuisance pests.  Now our bedbug crew has traveled to the east coast to combat bedbugs using heat remediation. Small crews of 4-6 trained technicians will be performing the work on a multi-unit building over the next 3-4 weeks. We are inspecting, treating and performing follow-up inspections on each unit to ensure the units are bedbug free. We have been using this heat treatment technique for a number of years and have fine-tuned the process. This is why we have been contracted to travel across the country to help others with their bedbug problems. Bedbugs are hitchhikers and can infiltrate and travel on persons bags and clothing. People can be taking these unwanted hitchhikers home with them when they travel.

Keep reading below to see some summer time travel tips.

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Bed bugs in crevices of a couch

Travel Tips:

  • Pull back the comforter and sheets and inspect the sheets for “bloodspots”. These can look like tiny dark red to black or brown  spots or multi-pointed stars on a white sheets and mattress

  • Look in the seams of a mattress and bed frames, bedbugs are quite visible to the naked-eye. Adults are roughly the same size and shape of an apple seed and have a light to dark red or rust coloring. Young nymphs having a translucent gold or amber color.

  • If you can DO NOT use the drawers in hotel rooms to place your clothes, use metal hangers in the closets. DO NOT place your luggage or bags on the floor or bed, put them in the bathroom and on the luggage rack provided.
  • If you find evidence of bed bugs inform the management immediately.
  • When returning home always inspect your clothes and luggage, wash and dry all clothing. Vacuum your bags and luggage if you suspect bedbug presence

If you suspect that you have bed bugs call us or schedule an inspection TODAY